Simon Crumb and the Ghost of Blaine Street

Cover of Simon Crumb and the Ghost of Blaine Street

There was a time when Simon Crumb didn’t believe in ghosts. That was before he accepted a dare by the school bullies to go into a haunted house for a selfie. There, he’s confronted by a vengeful spirit.  He manages to escape. But as he races home on his bike, he realizes the ghost has hitched a ride with him.

In his phone.

The entity wants something, demands something. But Simon’s nightmares about a roaring freight train, a rickety bridge, and a strange medallion bring him no closer to the answer. And what about the bullies who pushed him into the dare? Do they have a connection to the past that could spell danger to Simon and his friend, Nikki?

Simon and Nikki dig into the history of the haunted house on Blaine Street and uncover a tale of treachery, deceit, and murder. Can they solve a mystery that has been buried for decades?

First-place Royal Palm award winner in the middle-grade category presented by The Florida Writers Association.