Drawn and Buried

Drawn and Buried cover

Political cartoons are suppose to tick people off not drive them to violence. Tim Ryder finds out the pen is not only tighter than the sword, but is the sword. Tim Ryder is trying to bury the past, but, it’s a stubborn corpse. Seven years ago he drew a cartoon series the earned him a Pulitzer, but drove a presidential candidate to kill himself by putting a bullet in his head. After drinking himself to out of the profession, Ryder moved to Orlando, Florida and began drawing for a small daily. But his troubles expand like a fat man at a free buffet.



Sharp and Memorable

The snarky hero and the sharp writing make this mystery memorable. Several surprises spring in the last pages, tying up the rollicking ride. Probably includes the best metaphors and similes I’ve ever read.

S. Humphreys

Ryder has plenty of confidence and cool and genuine concern for the good in others to…

Drawn And Buried is an entertaining local flavor of a mystery novel. The protagonist has found a successful career and an outlet to express himself through his drawing and as a family member tried to take it away from him as a child, the antagonist also attempts to shut him down. Ryder has plenty of confidence and cool and genuine concern for the good in others to not be rattled or manipulated by the mysterious happenings that surround him. An easy read and page-turner until the very end. Looking forward to seeing more from the author and this character.

Joan Carroll

Darn good murder mystery!

If you are a fan of fast moving and witty murder mysteries then you need to read Dana Summers ‘Drawn and Buried’. His Editorial Cartoonist and wanna be detective Tim Ryder takes you on a really fun romp around the City Beautiful while simultaneously looking for and trying to stay away from a killer on the loose. He captures the essence of Orlando in locales with real life characters that the tourists very rarely get to see. There is a lot of irreverent and funny banter that you would expect from an Editorial Cartoonist but without the visual drawings that are left to your imagination from his slightly flawed hero. I have always enjoyed Dana’s cartoons and his book is a logical extension of his sense of humor. Also, it’s a darn good murder mystery! Put it on your reading list, you will thank me.

Jim Moore

Good debut mystery

Good debut mystery with a complex and enjoyable protagonist. The protagonist is a cartoonist as is the author. I found the peek into his world very enjoyable. He has a slightly noir voice with a dry sense of humor. It contrasts nicely with the Orlando setting. There are several crimes and lots to keep you guessing. I’d like to see this protagonist again.