Downhill Fast

Downhill Fast

Aging hit man Lou Braga is losing his touch. Bad back, cloudy eyes, and clogged arteries. The last job he took was a flat-out fiasco. In the world of contract killing, he’s gone from top notch to cheap joke. He’d be happy to kick back and live out his time smoking cigars and drinking scotch. But Mia, his only daughter, is on Benny ‘Graves’ Epstein’s radar. And that means her life span just got shorter. Benny would off his own mother if there was a buck in it. Sending Mia away is only part of the answer, because Benny has eyes everywhere. Lou knows the only sure way to protect her is to settle an old score. But to do that he must go underground.

To flush him out, Benny goes low, way low, low enough to kidnap Lou’s best friend, his Chihuahua, Edward. The move ignites the old Lou, the Lou hell bent on winning no matter what. But now a wise-cracking ten-year-old kid named Zero is also in Benny’s crosshairs and Lou has a soft spot for him. The guns-blazing approach could get the boy killed. On the other hand, brute force is the only way to deal with Benny. Battling his crumbling health, he struggles to save both Mia and Zero, while holding off dark forces from the past.


Whether on Amazon or Goodreads Readers have good things to say about Dana Summers’ Books

If you are a fan of fast moving witty murder mysteries then you need to read Dana Summers ‘Drawn and Buried’. His Editorial Cartoonist and wanna be detective Tim Ryder takes you on a really fun romp around the City Beautiful while simultaneously looking for and trying to stay away from a killer on the loose. He captures the essence of Orlando in locales with real life characters that the tourists very rarely get to see. There is a lot of irreverent and funny banter that you would expect from an Editorial Cartoonist but without the visual drawings that are left to your imagination from his slightly flawed hero. I have always enjoyed Dana’s cartoons and his book is a logical extension of his sense of humor. Also, it’s a darn good murder mystery! Put in on your reading list, you will thank me.


Reader of the ‘Drawn and Buried'.

Good debut mystery with a complex and enjoyable protagonist. The protagonist is a cartoonist as is the author. I found the peek into his world very enjoyable. He has a slightly noir voice with a dry sense of humor. It contrasts nicely with the Orlando setting. There are several crimes and lots to keep you guessing. I’d like to see this protagonist again.


Reader of the ‘Drawn and Buried'.

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