Dana J. Summers

Dana J. Summers is a nationally syndicated political cartoonist and creator of the comic strips The Middletons, and Bound and Gagged. Dana J. Summers lives with his wife in Orlando, Florida. Drawn and Buried won the Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm Award for best suspense novel, and The Mystery Writers of America Freddie Award.  


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If you are a fan of fast moving witty murder mysteries then you need to read Dana Summers ‘Drawn and Buried’. His Editorial Cartoonist and wanna be detective Tim Ryder takes you on a really fun romp around the City Beautiful while simultaneously looking for and trying to stay away from a killer on the loose. He captures the essence of Orlando in locales with real life characters that the tourists very rarely get to see. There is a lot of irreverent and funny banter that you would expect from an Editorial Cartoonist but without the visual drawings that are left to your imagination from his slightly flawed hero. I have always enjoyed Dana’s cartoons and his book is a logical extension of his sense of humor. Also, it’s a darn good murder mystery! Put in on your reading list, you will thank me.

Review of ‘Drawn and Buried'

I thought this book is just as good as any best seller crime books. Once I decided to really get into it I couldn’t put it down. The ending was heart pounding. Very well done.

REVIEW OF 'The Dark and the Dead'


Dana Summers is a Massachusetts native, who grew up in the northeast, Dana attended the Art Institute of Boston. Dana is a syndicated cartoonist for forty years; his comic strips include ‘The Middletons’ and ‘Bound & Gagged’ and award-winning editorial cartoons.

Don’t think you can sit down and write a novel without a bit of education. I wasted years thinking I could do this on my own. If you don’t persevere, you’ll never make it. So don’t give up.

Drawn and Buried won the Florida Writers Association’s Royal Palm award for best suspense novel, and Mystery Writers of America’s Sleuthfest Freddie award.

Dana J. Summers is an award-winning editorial cartoonist. He also writes and draws two nationally and internationally syndicated comic strips, ‘Bound & Gagged’ and ‘The Middletons’. He lives in Orlando with his wife Mary Jane and his dog, Gracie.

Dana J. Summers

Author, Cartoonist

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